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The Most Compliant Way To Offer Cash Discounts To Your Patients

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With Apex, you can sleep well at night knowing that you...

Provide Legal Cash Discounts

Patients can finish their care plan after they exhaust their insurance benefits or when they simply don't have the resources to pay the full fee

Don't Violate State / Federal Insurance Laws

Regarding Dual Fee Schedules, False Claims, Inducement Violations, or Anti-Kickback

Get FREE Marketing

To attract more new patients each and every month

Receive Reminder Emails

To your patients and your practice to ensure all cash paying patients maintain a valid Apex Longevity membership

Trusted by Chiropractic Clinics & Patients Everywhere

Apex Longevity is the trusted discount medical plan organization of Chiropractic clinics and patients nationwide

Family Plans

Break free from insurance limits by offering legal cash discounts while receiving free marketing for new patients and free cash bonuses for your team

28 Million Americans have no insurance.

31 Million Americans have insurance, but with limited coverage.

The RECESSION & INFLATION are forcing people to think harder about spending money on everything - Chiropractic care included.

With insurance deductibles rising, out of pocket expenses will also rise.

Chances are that you will lose more active patients when their insurance runs out as well as cash-paying patients by not giving them cash options that are affordable and legal.

Good News!

You can now give your patients legal cash discounts without placing your practice or your license in risk of violating state / federal laws regarding dual fee schedules

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Patients Receive Affordable Chiropractic Care

Without undercutting or devaluing your services

Earn More Income

Make it easier for patients to finish their care plans when their insurance runs out or if they are uninsured

Win-Win Situation

Patients get discounts for paying out of pocket and your practice earns more income

Apex Longevity is the plan that helps Chiropractors offer legal and compliant discounts to their patients

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You're probably thinking about or have already tried lowering your prices so your patients will continue with their needed care... especially as the recession deepens and cash becomes scarce.

However, doctors that do this can face two serious problems:

They stand to lose a lot of money on some visits while devaluing their care

They are at risk of compliance issues, such as dual fee schedules and other high risk violations

Many doctors do not realize that offering cash discounts to patients can often be illegal.

The Benefits of Having Apex Longevity on Your Side

Legal Network-Based Discounts

Offer legal, network-based discounts to cash-paying, under-insured, and out-of-network patients who maintain a valid Apex Longevity membership

Reduce the Risk of Compliance & OIG Violations

Offer cash discounts to your Apex-enrolled patients legally and without worry of violating laws regarding Dual Fee Schedules, False Claims, Inducement Violations, or Anti-Kickback

FREE Marketing for New Patients

Receive free online and social media marketing every month that you can utilize to attract more new patients to your clinic

Rebates to Your Clinic

Receive $5 rebates for every newly enrolled patient that can be used to bonus your team for helping your clinic remain compliant. Happy team, Happy Clinic!

Cash Fee Schedule

Create your own 'cash fee schedule' to eliminate many legal and regulatory violations you can otherwise encounter
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Apex Longevity is AMAZING - a discount medical program that allows patients to get the treatment they need at an affordable rate. The staff at Apex is wonderful, always willing to help answer any questions or issues that arise. Truly grateful to offer Apex to our patients!

Dr. Stewart Fresh, HealthSource of Covington

On a mission to empower patients

With Apex Longevity, you can help patients receive the continued care they deserve by offering legal cash discounts to Apex-enrolled membership holders.

Feel confident offering more wellness care to patients who need it, but may have exhausted their insurance benefits or are uninsured.

Break free from insurance limitations and increase your clinic's bottom line, all while providing wellness care to MORE patients at an affordable rate they can afford.

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Access your admin dashboard to enroll and manage patient memberships, receive lifetime customer support, and free training to ensure your staff is well-equipped for success with Apex Longevity.

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This discount medical plan is NOT insurance, a health insurance policy, Medicare prescription drug plan or qualified health plan under the Affordable Care Act. This plan (The Plan) provides discounts only on chiropractic services offered by providers who have agreed to participate in The Plan. The range of discounts for medical or ancillary services offered under The Plan will vary depending on the type of provider and products or services. The Plan does not make and is prohibited from making members’ payments to providers for products or services received under The Plan. The member is required and obligated to pay for all discounted chiropractic services and equipment received under The Plan, but will receive a discount on certain identified chiropractic services from providers in The Plan.The Discount Medical Plan Organization/Discount Plan Organization is Apex Longevity, LLC, 36901 American Way ,Suite #7, Avon, OH 44011. You may call +1 (877) 712-2739 for more information or click here for a list of providers. The Plan will make available before purchase and upon request, a list of program providers and the providers’ city, state and specialty, located in the member’s service area. The fees for The Plan are specified in the membership agreement. The Plan includes a 30-day cancellation provision. Note to MA consumers: The plan is not insurance coverage and does not meet the minimum creditable coverage requirements under M.G.L. c. 111M and 956 CMR 5.00. Not available for sale in the states of Rhode Island and Washington.